Materials, in their natural color and finish, have always been a preference of mine.

All OMA  jewelry is made with lots of love and dedication – down to the finest detail, polish and refinement. It is important for us to work with both fair mined and recycled gold, as well as fair mined and fair trade gemstones and conflict free diamonds.

All of our solid gold pieces are made in 14k and 18K solid gold. Gold is a beautiful but soft metal, in its original 24k state it’s too soft to be worn. We love 14k with it’s soft golden glow and strength and 18K gold for its bright warm lux glow. 14k solid gold is a mixture of 58 % pure gold and mixed alloy to give it strength, 18K Gold is mixed with 75% pure gold with alloy. 14k Solid Gold pieces are designed to be worn every day whereas 18K are a bit more delicate, they are both great options for heirlooms that are made to become part of your story.

We are currently running a limited series with solid 10K Gold in all three gold alloys Yellow, Rose and White gold. 10K gold is comprised of 41% gold which makes 10K gold the sturdiest choices of the three.  

Pieces are cast in either:

Extra Fine 

Cast with  18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold 18K White Gold


Cast with  14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold.

Demi Fine

Cast with 10K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold.